Why Should You Consider Mediation?

At The Law Office of Elizabeth A. Hill, my promise is to provide you with experienced guidance through any family law matter. This includes exploring all of your options and giving you honest and realistic advice about the best way to accomplish your goals. While it is not appropriate for every case, mediation proves very advantageous for many families.

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Mediation Gives You A Voice And Control Over Your Future

Mediation and collaborative law are two forms of alternative dispute resolution available in Kentucky. These two processes are about working together to find a solution that best fits your family's individual needs. You and your spouse or co-parent do not have to agree on everything or even share the same opinions for the process to be effective.

  • You can save money: Few people want to spend more money than is required on their legal matter. Mediation can be much more cost-effective than litigation. In addition, the money you do spend is all quality time working toward your specific goals.
  • The court does not dictate your schedule: You pick the date and time you want to meet. Unlike court, the meeting begins the moment you and the other party arrive. This also helps you resolve your matter much more quickly.
  • You have control over decisions: A judge has the final say over decisions made in court. In mediation, you get to decide which compromises you will make and what choices you want to live with.
  • You can be creative: A judge is going to make an informed decision, but the judge's time to figure out the nuances that will make a property settlement or parenting arrangement truly work for your family is very limited.
  • The process is easier on the entire family: People who are satisfied with an agreement are much more likely to comply with its terms, and it can set a good foundation for a working relationship. Watching mom and dad cooperate before and after can also make a major life transition easier on children who are involved.
  • You can keep the details of your personal life private: Courtrooms are generally open to the public and a judge will hear your motions in front of many other people waiting for their turn. Mediation takes place behind closed doors, is confidential and the details of your discussion do not become public record. Only your final signed agreement goes into the record.
  • It is an informal process with formal protections: Mediated agreements are legally enforceable. Although you are working with another party toward resolution, you can still have a lawyer protecting your interests.

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