Meet Elizabeth A. Hill

My name is Elizabeth A. Hill. I've practiced law for more than 25 years, with more than 21 years focused on family law. I spent several years serving the citizens of Fayette County as a public defender. The numerous trials and court appearances often required making quick decisions in high-pressure situations, a skill that is often required in contentious divorces or situations involving domestic violence.

In 1993, I established The Law Office of Elizabeth A. Hill in Lexington so that I could focus on family law. For more than 21 years, I have honed my legal skills in mediation, negotiations and courtrooms in Kentucky. I have developed a deep understanding of the laws and the way in which courts apply them under varying circumstances in Kentucky.

My practice is based not only on experience litigating divorce matters in court, but also in the relationships with my clients as we pursue solutions to the issues at hand. As my client, I will respect you enough to always give you straightforward advice and answers. You deserve nothing less.

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Personalized Service From A Lawyer Focused On Your Case

As my client, you will receive honest advice that is always geared to protect your rights and interests. My promise to you is that I will make every effort to help you reach your goals and will handle every aspect of your case personally.

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