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Why Experience Matters

  • Experience means I have been down these roads many, many times before. As a result, I understand how family law is practiced in our jurisdiction. I will help you see how a particular judge or opposing counsel has perhaps viewed cases similar to yours in the past.

  • You will be able to count on my seasoned legal judgment when it comes time to make difficult decisions. Even where the law may be unclear or unsettled in an area, I can still advise you wisely as to your next steps.

  • You can also count on me to provide you with the honest, candid assessment you want of your case. Whether I advise you to negotiate, to go to court, go to mediation or to take some other course of action, you will know exactly where I think your case stands.

  • To provide this level of representation, I work with you directly. I get to know you, your circumstances and your legal goals so I can tailor my guidance to your specific circumstances.

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