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My firm provides focused, experienced counsel on divorce and other family law matters.

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Serving families in Lexington since 1993.

Because Your Family Matters Most

Family law matters, including divorce, can be delicate, complex and confusing. But the stakes are huge: your and your family’s health, safety and future happiness. As a family law attorney, I know the judges and opposing counsel in our metro area and how they are likely to view your case. I provide you with a frank assessment of your circumstances – even when the news is not positive – because you need truthful counsel to make good decisions with the potential options you have.

Practice Areas


Discover Effective Divorce Strategies

High-Asset Divorce

Protect Your Business And Property Interests

Child Custody

Craft A Fair, Nurturing Co-Parenting Plan

Post-Divorce Matters

Request Decree Enforcement Or Modifications

Social Media And Divorce

Learn How Social Media Posts Can Affect Your Divorce


Learn About The Benefits of Mediation

Paternity Enforcement

Safeguard Your Connection With Your Child

Domestic Violence

Protect You And Your Family’s Safety

My Experience = Your Benefit

I started my practice, The Law Office of Elizabeth A. Hill, more than 25 years ago so I could focus exclusively on helping families through challenging legal situations. I have scaled my firm so that all my clients receive one-on-one attention from me. This is what allows me to develop strategies that have the greatest chance of achieving your goals. I can help you with all of the following, and more:


Litigating or negotiating a divorce settlement


Choosing mediation as a path to resolution in divorce or other family conflicts


Receiving a just settlement in a high-asset divorce involving business interests or a sizeable marital estate


Creating custody and parenting plans that work for all parties, most notably your kids


Revisiting your divorce decree if post-divorce enforcement or modifications are necessary


Assisting you with filing for protective orders or pursuing domestic violence charges against an abuser


Advocating for enforcement of your paternity rights

Your family’s legal challenge is unique, but I have represented numerous Kentucky clients and can leverage my prior history with their cases to fight for the best possible outcome in yours.

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How Does Divorce Affect Your Business?

Divorce can have a significant impact on both your marriage and closely held business. Learn more about protecting the assets you rely on for your livelihood.

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