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Preserving Your Divorce Agreement

You have already worked so hard to achieve the terms of your divorce agreement. When you need to protect that hard work, I can serve as the lawyer who helps you do so.

At The Law Office of Elizabeth A. Hill, I help clients throughout the Lexington, Kentucky, area when they need help enforcing their divorce decrees. I do that by providing you with that representation directly.

I work with you directly. I do not have you work with assistants or inexperienced attorneys.

The Candid Guidance You Need To Protect Your Rights

By working with you personally, I aim to build a successful attorney-client relationship with you. That personalized relationship enables me to learn the details about your case that a court will want to know about during the highly specific enforcement process.

You can count on me to help you with a broad range of enforcement issues, including, for instance, those cases involving:

Further, I will provide you with a candid and honest assessment of where your case stands. You will know my honest opinion about your case and how I think you should approach it.

I can provide you with that actionable guidance because I draw on more than 25 years of experience as a lawyer. I make it my job to help you move forward with your enforcement action effectively and confidently.

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