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Avoid these common social media mistakes during divorce

| Nov 14, 2019 | Divorce, Family Law

Posting on social media during an emotional time is an instinct for most people. You want to let others know how you are feeling and hopefully, someone will extend a hand in support.

However, there are some negative consequences associated with posting while you are emotional. You may look back on a post and regret it ultimately. While you are in the middle of a divorce, you might want to refrain from posting anything to personal on social media.

Three divorce mistakes related to social media

While you are going through a divorce, the last thing you want to do is hurt your case and potential settlement by posting on social media. To increase your chances of a successful outcome, avoid these mistakes:

  • Oversharing: Try not to post about how you are feeling on social media, especially if your emotions are running high. Make sure you are calm and collected if you do decide to post something. However, be aware that everyone can access your posts, including your spouse’s lawyer.
  • Bragging: If you are trying to negotiate lower alimony or child support payments, you might not want to post about a vacation that you just went on. This will show the court that you have the financial means to help your ex-spouse.
  • Speaking poorly about your ex-spouse: Whether you are texting them directly or posting on social media, saying negative things about your ex-spouse will not help you in any way.

Keeping these common social media mistakes in mind will help you avoid posting while in an emotional state. It only takes one post to affect your divorce settlement negatively, so it may be wise to cease posting altogether during the divorce.

If you feel the need to post on social media during your divorce, stop and think about the negative consequences that might happen. You could also work with an attorney and get their insight. Your attorney can provide more guidance on what you should not post on social media.