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Child custody relocation laws in Kentucky

| Jan 3, 2020 | Child Custody

If you are a divorcee and want to relocate while taking your child with you, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. If the other parent will not agree to allow the child to relocate with you, then it may become a more complicated matter. 

Understanding the laws in Kentucky regarding child relocation is important for determining the steps to take to relocate with your child. Even if you have residential custody and the child primarily lives in your household, you must still meet certain requirements months in advance. 

Understanding relocation laws 

If you want to relocate with your child and move more than 100 miles from your current residence, you must give notice to the other parent at least 60 days prior to the move. For the relocation to take place, parents must sign a formal agreement, or the court must mandate it. 

Deciding on a visitation plan 

Coming to a visitation agreement with the other parent that allows you to take the child with you is the most seamless way to successfully relocate with your child in tow. This method may involve determining a suitable long-distance visitation schedule or deciding on other allowances that ensure you will follow through on your plans. 

Taking the issue to court 

If the situation is not resolved through negotiations with the other parent, the next course of action is to involve the court system and gain approval. The trial will commence, and the main factor considered during these proceedings will be whether relocating is in the child’s best interest. 

Factors impacting the ruling 

A number of factors may influence the judge’s ruling. Judges review how the relocation will affect the child’s quality of life, the distance of the move and the child’s relationship with each parent, among other factors. Presenting a strong argument to the court will be imperative for receiving positive news for your relocation plans.