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Preparing for a high-asset divorce in Kentucky

| Feb 10, 2020 | High-Asset Divorce

Typically, all divorces are quite stressful. Couples have many critical issues such as child custody and property division to resolve. However, a high-asset divorce is usually even more complex than other marital splits. Despite the complexities that come with dividing valuable assets, each spouse can protect themselves from an unfair divorce settlement.

In the points listed below, Kentucky residents will find three tips to help them prepare for a high-asset divorce.

  1. Recognize your risk. Many people refuse to believe that their spouses would ever go as far as hiding valuable assets when divorcing. However, ending a marriage can bring out the worst in people. It is wise to add the possibility of hidden assets to your list of concerns and then take steps to look for these assets.
  2. Work with an attorney. As you may already know, a high-asset divorce is often fraught with legal concerns not present in other divorces. While you can try to accomplish your divorce goals on your own, it is often better to work with a skilled lawyer. This comes with many benefits such as immediate answers for your top concerns and access to an advocate who will put your interests above all else.
  3. Protect your privacy. One of the most troubling aspects of a high-asset divorce is having your personal and private information exposed for all to see, including your net worth. If this is a concern for you, consider asking your attorney if the court can seal some of the information that may otherwise be aired publicly.

These are just a few methods of making your high-asset divorce less stressful. You can learn more by consulting with an experienced law firm.