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Leaving a narcissist is a challenge

| May 20, 2020 | Divorce

Leaving any long-term marriage is a difficult experience. If you and your ex are able to work through the divorce matters together, it will be easier. This isn’t something that everyone can count on. Unfortunately, anyone who is married to a narcissist should prepare for a rough time throughout the process.

There isn’t really anything that’s going to be easy when you’re leaving a true narcissist. They are going to try to make things as difficult as possible for you in an effort to take control of the situation. One of the primary methods you can use to minimize the chance of this happening is to separate your emotions from the situation, even though this might be difficult.

The issue with divorcing a person who is narcissistic is that they think that they are too good to have to deal with anything they don’t want. This spells trouble when they want specific assets or even the majority of time with the children. They don’t understand having to compromise with anyone, so using divorce methods like mediation aren’t likely going to work.

Unfortunately, another issue that you’re likely going to run into when you’re divorcing a narcissist is that they’ll view having to go through a trial as a good thing. They’ll likely feel like they’re controlling the situation, and they know that it’s costing you money to have to fight with them. They may view this as a win, even if they are having to spend just as much money.

You must set clear goals when you’re ending a marriage to a narcissist. Focusing on trying to win every battle is going to be frustrating and infuriating. Instead, think about what points are truly important for you so that you and your attorney can focus on those.