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Too much social media could lead to divorce

| May 12, 2020 | Divorce

Whether for work, video games or more, spending hours on the internet is a common part of everyday life in Kentucky. But while some things like social media might be normal, they are not necessarily healthy. For example, social media has been linked to unhappy marriages and even make some people consider filing for divorce.

Researchers at Boston University conducted a study on social media and marriages, and found that people who use social media more heavily than others are 32% more likely to think about filing for divorce. That same study also determined that people who do not use any type of social media are around 11% happier with their marriages than regular users. Researchers also pointed out a correlation between Facebook and divorce. In states where Facebook use increases, so do divorce rates.

Social media does not necessarily have to be a marriage’s downfall, though. One alternative is to find a way to use social media with a partner, such as watching entertaining or educational videos on YouTube. Couples who maintain distinctly separate social media lives are usually exposed to vastly different content and information, which can nudge partners in opposite directions.

In some situations, making an effort to create joint social media activities just is not enough. Both partners might still feel unsatisfied, or one might have a social media addiction that he or she is not willing to work on. Regardless of the reason, when someone in Kentucky decides to file for divorce, it may be helpful to speak with an experienced attorney about his or her options.