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Do prenuptial agreements signal bad luck?

| Oct 21, 2020 | Divorce

Even Kentucky couples who are not superstitious may go still out of their way to avoid bad luck. Unfortunately, since some people regard prenuptial agreements as bad omens, this means there are a lot of couples missing out on the benefits of a prenup. Dispelling some common misconceptions about prenups may help encourage those who are on the fence.

A lot of people believe that signing a prenuptial agreement is just an indication that a marriage is doomed to fail. However, there are only two ways in which a marriage can end — death or divorce. Just like people use wills to plan for what happens after death, prenuptial agreements provide answers to difficult questions through the divorce process. For example, how will marital assets be divided? Or, which assets are to remain separate?

Prenuptial agreements can even make some marriages stronger. Crafting a prenup can provide many of the same benefits as premarital counseling, as couples will get the opportunity to discuss values, finances, marital goals, career paths and more. Since both parties have to disclose their financial situation — including debt — it also helps lay a foundation for transparency throughout the marriage.

Protecting one’s future both in marriage and divorce is smart. Indeed, there are few other areas in life that people might be so willing to leave up to chance. To better understand how prenuptial agreements might both strengthen marriage and protect assets in the event of divorce, it may be helpful to speak with an attorney who is well versed in Kentucky family law.