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Victims of domestic violence may struggle with divorce

| Nov 13, 2020 | Domestic Violence

Deciding to end a relationship with an abuser is a complicated process. Victims often struggle to decide whether leaving is a good idea, and if so whether it can be done safely. A lot of domestic violence incidents go completely unreported, too. This leaves some victims of domestic violence in Kentucky unsure of how to move forward with their lives.

From Oct. 2019 to Oct. 2020, cases of domestic violence have increased 20% across the United States. While many of these victims are women, approximately 830,000 men suffer from domestic violence every year too. The Bureau of Justice reports that 32% of victims never file reports because they feel like the nature of the crime is personal. Many victims also feel as if they have no choice but to protect their abusers. Another 20% struggle to recognize the severity of their situation.

According to one expert, domestic violence is particularly complicated because it does not begin with abuse — it begins with love. Victims are often misled during the beginning of their relationships and believe that they are truly falling for a charming prince. It is usually only once the two have established a committed relationship that the acts of violence begin.

Domestic violence victims face added hurdles when filing for divorce. Having the right guidance and support on one’s side can be essential during this trying period of life. For example, an experienced attorney might be able to help explain the process for securing an order of protection in Kentucky.