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Personalized Child Custody Solutions

Family is what matters most, but the reality is that every family is different. Your child custody arrangement must reflect your family’s unique needs. I am attorney Elizabeth A. Hill, and I will take the time to understand your family and develop a strategy that accomplishes your goals. My approach is to provide you with realistic advice about the benefits and consequences of every option. I support that advice with more than 25 years of legal experience.

What Is Custody And Who Should Talk About It With A Lawyer?

In Kentucky, child custody decisions are made by determining what is in the best interests of the child. Legal custody refers to a parent’s right or authority to make decisions about important aspects of the child’s life such as education, health and religion. The court favors joint legal custody where possible.

Even with joint custody, parents may still have to determine where a child will primarily reside. This can depend on many factors. Both parents will generally share parenting time, something often referred to as co-parenting.

I help parents and guardians facing custody challenges understand and enforce their parental rights, including:

  • Parents going through a divorce: Divorce ends a marriage and changes the parental relationship significantly. Parents must reach a formal custody agreement outlining the rights and obligations of each one moving forward. This may include a temporary arrangement while the divorce is pending as well as a more permanent solution.
  • Unmarried parents who have a child: Unmarried parents do not have the same presumptive rights and obligations as married parents when a child is born. Fathers must establish paternity before the state will recognize their parental rights under the law. Parents should have a formal custody arrangement in place even in situations in which couples cohabitate or agree to share custody and support voluntarily.
  • Parents in a same-sex partnership or marriage: The laws regarding same-sex partnerships are not the same in every jurisdiction. This creates a very confusing area of law concerning child custody rights. It is crucial that same-sex parents who live in or have recently moved to Kentucky discuss their legal rights and options with a lawyer.
  • Parents who have an existing custody order: Child custody arrangements are based on the best interests of the child at the time. Children grow up, and life doesn’t always stay the same for them or their parents. There are situations in which you may need to modify an existing arrangement that no longer fits the needs of your family.
  • Other third-party custody situations: Although the rights of third parties are limited, situations may arise in which grandparents, stepparents and other guardians may have a legal interest in protecting the welfare of a child temporarily or permanently.
  • Relocation: Our modern world tends to be mobile, and parents often find themselves looking at a move after a divorce. This currently requires notice to the other parent and is one of the most active areas of post-divorce litigation. It is crucial that parents seeking to relocate with the children seek the advice of a lawyer.

Realistic Advice Backed By More Than 25 Years Of Experience

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