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Making Co-Parenting And Time-Share Plans Work

At The Law Office of Elizabeth A. Hill, parents can get realistic advice from an experienced attorney. Over the past 20-plus years, I have helped countless families develop co-parenting and time-share plans. I have also helped them implement those agreements. You can trust that I will be able to handle your unique challenges.

Contact my office in Lexington at 859-554-1567 to schedule your consultation. I represent families throughout the Bluegrass region.

What Makes A Good Time-Share Plan?

In Kentucky, the term custody refers to where a child lives and who has the authority to make important decisions. Courts generally prefer to award joint custody, which means that the parents will have to develop a time-share or visitation arrangement that essentially answers the question, “How is the custody order going to play out in real life?”

Parenting plans can range from extremely flexible to highly regulated. What is best for one family may not work for the next. When determining which type of parenting plan will work best and setting the terms, parents must consider many factors, including:

  • Where each parent lives: How far apart do they live? Are they in the same school district? Will transportation cost be an issue?
  • How well the parents cooperate: Are they willing to share time? Will they need to designate specific exchange times or places? Will they be able to communicate about important events or handle unexpected changes in the schedule? Should they use a shared calendar online?
  • The child’s schedule: Does he or she play sports? Take music lessons? Participate in extracurricular clubs?
  • The child’s preference: Is the child old enough to have a say? Does he or she have close friends in the area?
  • Family and holiday considerations: Are siblings involved? Does each parent want to rotate or share every holiday? Are there any important family traditions that could influence time-share decisions?
  • Any special educational, health or other needs: Does the child need to be near a certain doctor? Will there be frequent health emergencies? Who will handle unexpected calls from the school?

These questions only scratch the surface of the potential issues parents must consider before agreeing to a particular time-share plan. I help parents identify these considerations.

What Happens When An Agreement Isn’t Working?

The reality is that even the best laid plans don’t always work out. Parents may find that what they thought would work for them doesn’t. Parents may move, get a new job or even start a new relationship requiring an adjustment in the parenting plan. Children grow up and their needs will likely change.

Parents can modify their time-share plan. This does not always have to be done in court. In many situations, I can help parents negotiate an out-of-court modification, saving them time, money and hassle.

I Will Handle Your Case Personally

If you have co-parenting or time-share issues you need to discuss with a lawyer, contact my law office at 859-554-1567. You can also reach me by completing a confidential form online.