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Doing What Is Right For Your Family

No parent wants to be involved in a child custody dispute, but this is the nature of divorce and single parenthood. At The Law Office of Elizabeth A. Hill, you can rely on my careful approach crafted through 25 years of experience to get you through it.

“Best interests” is a buzzword you will hear throughout the process, and it is the focus of all child custody agreements.

Enabling your children to grow and learn in a safe and loving environment is your primary role as a parent, and almost every parent wants to be involved in this job. As your attorney, I will help you work toward your goals with the best interests of your children top of mind.

With 25 years of experience in Kentucky, I have helped parents of all means through a variety of family disputes. In almost every case, parents know what is best for their kids, and you should be empowered to look out for their best interests.

Considerations For Your Children

When considering the best interests of your children, you must look at the unique aspects of your family’s life. Questions to ask yourself could include:

  • Where will my kids go to school?
  • Where will my kids go to day care or after school care?
  • How will they get to and from extracurricular activities?
  • How does my work schedule impact my ability to care for my kids?

These questions are just the beginning, and I am here to guide you through the process one step and at a time.

Get Answers To Your Questions When You Call

When you call The Law Office of Elizabeth A. Hill, you will have your questions answered by me, not a secretary or an associate. Most of the time, I am able to have a conversation with you right away free of charge. Get immediate care and consideration for your family. Contact my law office at 859-554-1567. You can also reach me by completing a confidential form online.