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When Relocation Issues Arise, Turn To Me

At The Law Office of Elizabeth A. Hill, I spend my time as a lawyer assisting clients facing divorce disputes. My clients include parents either attempting to relocate with a child or parents seeking to stop relocation.

I understand the nuances of relocation cases because I have been serving family law and divorce clients throughout the Lexington, Kentucky, area for more than 25 years. Those decades of experience provide me with the seasoned legal judgment you can draw on to protect your rights during a parental relocation case.

Comprehensive Representation In Relocation Cases

Too few people realize that parental relocation is a highly supervised area in a divorce. If you wish to move to find a job elsewhere or for other reasons, you must receive the approval of the court.

At the same time, if you are wishing to enforce the terms of your divorce to prevent your ex-spouse from moving away with your child, I can also help you. I represent clients seeking relocation as well as those hoping to preserve the terms of the divorce decree and prevent relocation.

As an attorney, I represent clients from both sides in a relocation case. I can deliver custom-tailored legal strategies that consider the approach most likely to be taken by your ex-spouse and opposing counsel. To do that, I work with you directly.

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