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When You Need To Make Sure

Though divorce has a reputation for conflict, many cases involve little to no conflict. In those circumstances, both parties agree to divorce, but one or both spouses want to make sure all legal obligations are observed and memorialized properly in the divorce decree and other documentation.

At The Law Office of Elizabeth A. Hill, I like to provide that helping hand. For more than a quarter of a century as a lawyer, I have assisted clients with their divorce needs throughout the Lexington, Kentucky, area. That experience as an attorney means I have the judgment you need to ensure your agreed-upon divorce stays agreeable.

Count On Me To Make Sure Your Divorce Gets Done Right

Even with the most agreeable divorces, personally unique details must be addressed proactively. Simply filling out paperwork on your own often leaves those important details unaddressed and actually increases the likelihood of conflict where conflict had been completely avoidable.

With my help, you will rest easier, confident that the terms of your divorce agreement preserve the amicable divorce you have worked so hard to achieve. I will tailor your divorce agreement so it effectively identifies and addresses potential problems before they arise, often preventing those problems from arising in the first place. Those issues normally involve:

  • Co-parenting and time-share terms
  • Social media concerns and the online sharing of information
  • Future parental relocation issues
  • Support payments, amounts and scheduling

I provide that support to you by working with you directly. By providing you with one-on-one attention, I make sure your uncontested divorce terms are tailored to your unique circumstances.

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