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Your Best Interests Are My Priority

Divorce is really only the start of a new phase in your family’s life. Through effective divorce representation and planning, you can set in place the guidelines your family needs to move forward with your lives.

At my firm, The Law Office of Elizabeth A. Hill, I work with clients throughout the Lexington, Kentucky, area during the post-divorce phase as well ensure the continued success of their work during the divorce itself when complications arise. That post-divorce phase can address change as well as preserve the structure agreed upon and memorialized in the divorce decree.

When Conflict Arises, I Can Help

I can advise you with respect to a wide variety of post-divorce issues, including:

Most post-divorce issues involve highly fact-specific analysis by the family court. I will build a highly detailed case on your behalf by relying on the personalized work I do with you directly.

I will take the time to get to know you and the details that make your case unique. I will not hand your case off to an assistant or to an attorney-in-training.

In providing you with guidance, I draw on more than 25 years of experience as a lawyer. My experience as an attorney provides me with the level of seasoned legal judgment to advise you intelligently even if your situation involves an unclear or still-developing area of law.

Learn More About How I Can Help You

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